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Artists are redefining culture in the digital era, utilizing technology platforms to spread innovative ideas and free expression.  The revolution has already begun, the tremendous value has been identified, now it's time for independent artists to get organized.

This summer workshop is geared towards full-time artists , musicians, stylists, writers, and designers.  The course is broken up into two phases--conceptual, lesson-based learning and collaborative creative learning. 

Throughout the course we aim to build a community of creative people who engage at our headquarters at The Music Building and carry the conversation online.

Workshops will take place on Wednesdays throughout July and August.  Each week we will update this page to highlight the lesson, and featured #ArtistEngage speakers who will share examples of DIY social media-based outreach. 

Workshops will be filmed by the CBGB Production team to generate content each week.


- How to engage on social media

- Defining a personal vision and timeline

- To share or not to share? The importance of peer review

- Measuring your value while holding onto your values

- Collaborate and take it to the next level

Advanced Studio:

We will provide studio space and resources for advanced students to create digital work in teams.


Each lesson will be followed by a free flowing social session, jam session, hang out with The Music Building community at large.  Find out more at #Livefrom505

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      • Rich Pagano
      • Drum and Vocal Teacher
      • For the last 20 years, Rich Pagano has made a living as a highly sought after New York City session drummer, studio owner (New Calcutta Recording in The Music Building), music producer and touring musician. His recording, producing and stage credits include, Patti Smith, Rosanne Cash, Robbie Robertson, Ray Davies, Willie Nile, gospel icon Marie Knight, Joan Osborne, Levon Helm, Marshall Crenshaw, Mott the Hoople legend, Ian Hunter, Early Elton and the premier Beatles band, The Fab Faux, of which he is a founding member and singer/drummer. 
        In 2009 he released ‘Rich Pagano and The Sugarcane Cups’ to positive reviews 
        (voted ‘Best of 2009’ - Blurt Magazine).
      • Ravin Dave
      • Host / Change Agent
      • I spent the past 15 years building a career as a professional Artist, Entreprenuer, Entertainer and Marketer. 

        I recently finished an awesome couple years experience at Heineken USA, making national trade and brand marketing programs for Heineken, Dos Equis and Newcastle Brown Ale brands.

        Before that, I developed national brand promotions and digital strategy for Captain Morgan, Guinness, Ketel One, Skoal and Copenhagen brands.

        Seventeen years ago I put down my guitar and saxophone, and begin a DJ career. Today I practice all three regularly. 

        Two entertainment companies, hundred of events, and experience across 20+ large brands, led to the relaunch of Sound Groove Entertainment this past Spring.

        We are currently focused on two projects:

        #ArtistEngage - a deep dive into the current challenges artists face in the current digital culture.

        #MassivelyEpic - a collaborative collective of independant artists and musicians. 

        We are working to develop simple models and tools that will help us and other artists build our brands, and tell our stories. 

        For more info, please see DavidIannone.com or DJRavinDave.com

      • Roo Zine
      • Host / Social Designer
      • Roo is an investigator obsessed with the topic of what it actually means to be an artist in NYC today.  Implementing state of the art ninja-tactics, she has observed the social dynamics of various professional communities of musicians, actors, fashionistas, and visual artists, and is now ready to share her findings to those who want to ask questions.  Her approach:  keep it simple, and the social media revolution will come!

        Roo is currently organizes community at The Music Building--a role which has allowed her to experiment with social media strategies that are geared towards artists.  Often known for being evasive, she is strongly averted to talking about her work and formal education, since it rarely fits in with her artistic vision, but if you really want to know you can just google her Linked-In profile.  She describes herself as a conceptual artist, exploring how collaboration shapes aesthetic and dialogue.  Her expertise is listening to ideas and translating them into "first steps".

      • DJ Journey
      • Composer / Producer
      • DJ Journey is a composer and music producer for other artists. He scored the music for documentary film maker Selena Blake's powerful Taboo Yardies, which premiered in 2011 at Durban South African Film Festival and the 21 Chicago Film Festival-nominated short film We Could All Die Alone Together and others.

        A SAG-certified actor, he has appeared in more than 50 TV shows and films including C.S.I. NY, Charmed, Commander in Chief, Flags Of Our Fathers, You Me and Depree, 9/11, Bobby and Dream Girls.

        Journey is the founder of Trip Digital Inc., a music licensing company that specializes in the production and placement of the next generation of music in film, television, video games, advertising, and branded services.

         As a DJ, Journey has spun alongside the likes of Tiesto, Bob Sinclair, DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ AM, Questlove, Pete Rock, DJ Premier, DJ D-Nice, Grand Wizard Theodore, Grand Master Flash and Paul Oakenfold, Taryn Manning and Keith Shocklee.

        Currently Journey has partnered with Keith Shocklee of (Public Enemy) to form Spectrum City B-Side Radio. Which airs on Tune In, iTunes Radio and Chuck D’s Rapstation.com.

      • Alex Kolundzija
      • Hacker-in-Residence at Betaworks (Founder of Blend.io)
      • Blend is an Open Collaboration Network for music creators.

        Blend.io was started by Alex Kolundzija and built in New York City at betaworks, by music loving and producing technologists. With blend.io, musicians and producers can share in-progress tracks and connect with other musicians to collaborate. You can browse artists and their projects or comment on and remix tracks. Read more on our /purpose page.

Week 1: July 10

4:00PM In the first week, we dove head first into the current Digital Culture and the part we all play as artists today and in the future.

We discussed the need to "Flip the Switch," how we are currently engaging and recruiting fans.
6:00PM - 8:00PM Featured #ArtistEngage NC Shuva displayed pure genius and dropped knowledgeable secrets, strategy, tactics and rationale behind the success of the PUi Tribe.

Check out PUi July 10th -https://www.facebook.com/events/130369440495108/
8:30PM - 10:00PM #Livefrom505

The workshop was followed by a networking party and open studio with refreshments and food provided.

Week 2: July 17

4:00PM - 6:00PM "Vision is the single most important key to our success"

A vision that is bold, simple, and consistently communicated will get you through the tough times and others to follow.

By focusing on the few things that matter most, you can create more signal and less noise for yourselves and your fans.
6:00PM - 8:00PM Featured #ArtistEngage : "I Love You Too"http://dameht.com/

DAMEHT is a band which features original visually-dynamic content to engage their fans and reach new people. Their party-themed music video, "I Love You Too" was filmed in 505 with footage crowd-sourced from all their guests, who clearly were all having a grand ol' time at their party.
8:00PM - 11:00PM #Live from 505

Week 3: July 24

4:00PM - 6:30PM In the third week, we will dive head into "Why Fan Engagement" is critical to your success. This unique, open forum, group participation discussion will cover simple strategies and tactics that will help you drive digital, social and physical engagement with your fans.

Remember, the Medium is the Message today.
6:30PM - 8:00PM Featured Artist: Cilver and their video premiere of "In My Head"

Featured on Revolver Magazine. Watch herehttp://www.revolvermag.com/news/exclusive-cilver-premiere-new-music-video-in-my-head-featuring-bumblefoot-of-guns-n-roses.html
8:00PM #Livefrom505

Week 4: July 31

4:00PM - 6:00PM "Our Image is not just what we say, but how, where, when and why we say it."

This fourth week is an intensive three-hour workshop on how to leverage the different digital platforms to build your personal or group brand.

Individual and group exercises and breakouts will help you define the most important aspects of your brand via the vision and how to extend these to your fans through the engagement exercises from the prior weeks.

You will leave with a roadmap and plan of how to tell your story.
6:00PM - 9:00PM Featured Speaker: Music Building Alum Camille Barbone
The Industry demands all of your emotional, physical, and mental capacity to just get by. You must devise a plan, commit to and make it happen in order to succeed.

Advanced Collaborative Studio: Weeks 5-8

12:00PM - 12:00AM Advanced students will explore independent ideas in online content production

Week 5: August 7

5:30PM Demo and Q+ A by blend.io founder, Alex Kolundzija

an Open Collaboration Network for musicians, producers, and technologists
7:00PM Drumming and singing workshop, Rich Pagano

"This lesson is an overview of the benefits of not just being a singing drummer but being a musician who has an understanding of honoring, inspiring, seducing and most important, supporting the vocalist. In addition, I will explain the idea and beauty of making singing and playing one - like a vine gently surrounding a tree - not to strangle it, but to nurture it and to feed off of each other. We then talk about the great singing drummers like Levon Helm, Don Henley and Phil Collins and their influence on me."

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