a crash course on digital culture for artists

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Artists are redefining culture in the digital era, utilizing technology platforms to spread innovative ideas and free expression.  The revolution has already begun, the tremendous value has been identified, now it's time for independent artists to get organized.

This summer workshop is geared towards full-time artists , musicians, stylists, writers, and designers.  The course is broken up into two phases--conceptual, lesson-based learning and collaborative creative learning. 

Throughout the course we aim to build a community of creative people who engage at our headquarters at The Music Building and carry the conversation online.

Workshops will take place on Wednesdays throughout July and August.  Each week we will update this page to highlight the lesson, and featured #ArtistEngage speakers who will share examples of DIY social media-based outreach. 

Workshops will be filmed by the CBGB Production team to generate content each week.


- How to engage on social media

- Defining a personal vision and timeline

- To share or not to share? The importance of peer review

- Measuring your value while holding onto your values

- Collaborate and take it to the next level

Advanced Studio:

We will provide studio space and resources for advanced students to create digital work in teams.


Each lesson will be followed by a free flowing social session, jam session, hang out with The Music Building community at large.  Find out more at #Livefrom505

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